Dabbing and watching movies for my last day of summer, solid.

recovery-reality-revitalize inquired You are so freakin cute! <3

Aw thank you!!


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The last two weeks of June are what started off my summer. I was in a bad state of mind and I just needed to get away and figure my shit out because I did some shit I regretted. I almost drove myself insane. July 1st I took a 20 hour plane ride to Cambodia/Vietnam. I was gone for the whole month of July and I honestly think it changed me. Some crazy shit happened and not all of it was good. Many parts of the trip challenged me mentally and physically but I grew up I think. Between my own thoughts and what was going on around me I learned a lot. When I got home I tried taking what I learned and putting it towards my life in Michigan. Of course I fucked up a few times. Of course I had a few hangovers but I mean I’m 17 that’s the shit I do. The month of August was incredibly fun but also had a lot of sad moments. I had to say a temporary goodbye to 6 of my closest friends while they went off to college. It’s hard not having them around everyday because I was with them every second last school year. Now I have a select few I hold dear to help me through senior year and it’s gonna be hard. Summer is over and my first day is Tuesday, wish me luck. Hopefully I don’t fuck anything up too much.